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"The Florida Keys is the best place in the world to sight-fish to large tarpon in clear shallow water."
Walt Jennings

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"In the Florida Keys, where I live, tarpon fishermen from around the world drop whatever they're doing in May and June to travel here for some of the most spectacular fishing to be found anywhere."
John Brownlee

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Thanks to Capt. Rick McKenna
Hey John, I just wanted to let you know what a great captain you have there in capt. Rick.  Me, my buddy and my dad came down there to take a trip with you last week and we were blown away at how much fun it was.  Rick is a very professional, fun and knowledgable guide.  He put us on the fish (I hooked into my first tarpon over 100lbs and fought it for 20 minutes) and always had good jokes and a great attitude.  Next time we are in town there is no way we would ever consider another captain.  Thanks for the great day and awesome memories.Brad Davidson

When you fish for tarpon be prepared for some spectacular jumps
If you've never been tarpon fishing you owe it to yourself to go.

WOW, WOW and WOW probably sums it up best John
After our incredible experience, I just wanted to drop a note to thank yall again for putting us on the fish in a big way. We had over 20 tarpon hookups in our 3 charters and landed 3. I consider myself to be an experienced angler and I have never experienced such explosive, overpowering and quick fish. Alex and Rick deserve gold medals for their part in getting us hooked up. The 3 fish landed ranged between 70 and 90 pounds. My sister in law got the largest hook-up  estimated to weigh in at about 130 pounds. Capt. Rick put my 14 year old nephew on an 80 pounder which he landed after a 52 minute fight and 2.5 mile journey. Capt. Rick managed a quick boat maneuver to ward off a shark attack in progress on this 80 pounder. In addition to these tarpon, Capt. Alex rigged a bottom line for my 6 year old son which resulted in 3 mangrove snapper in the ice chest and some great tablefare that evening. The short boat rides, huge acrobatic tarpon, patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides coupled with outstanding boats/equipment made for a fabulous trip that I will most definetly rebook. These guides get just as upset as the Angler when the fish are not landed and will do just about anything to get it done. These guys are great and I got pictures to prove it. I'll be back. Mark Gilbert

Thanks to Capt. Alex Regan
John, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how satisfied I was with my tarpon fishing trip. Captain Alex went way above and beyond what was expected of him. He is real gentleman and a pleasure to fish with. Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone wanting to fish with him. I am already trying to put a trip together for May to get in on the best bite!! I thank you for a great experience. Bruce Lawing Capt. R.I. Sheriff's Dept

Thanks to Capt. Rick McKenna
I just returned to Michigan following 3 separate tarpon trips with Capt. Rick & I am still aglow.
Thank you! Our group tried to do it on our own by renting a boat,tracking down bait, & competing with the array of tarpon boats.  After all of our efforts (& stuck anchors), I looked up to see a big wide white V-hull appear from beneath the bridge & head toward us. "Now
that's a tarpon boat" I whispered to myself only to realize it was Capt. Rick of TarponTrips. The next evening I would be on board that same vessel.  I was amazed when within 5 seconds of the bait going into the water I was locked into a 110 lb silver king. That scenario would be repeated 7 times that evening. Right then I knew there was no other way to go.  My arms, wrists, and legs are still sore from fighting really quality fish.  But it is a good sore.  Capt. Rick was an expert in maneuvering the boat around bridges & buoys to help me leader several beauties. It was an absolute pleasure to work & learn from true pros. See you next year!!! Dr. Mark Niebylski, Bloomfield, MIchigan

Thanks to Capt. John Herrick
Hey John, What an outstanding trip, you did it again! We caught 6 tarpon over 100 pounds. When we got home we showed the pictures to our friends and they were so excited they booked a trip with you in mid April and topped our catch by 2 big fish..Wow! See you next year Dan Tarino, Florida

Thanks to a fantastic tarpon released to fight again    
The battle was an interminable one, with the oversized Megalops atlanticus pulling us first through the nearest bridge, then past it and through the next bridge! Then, despite my putting as much pressure on it as I possibly dared, it turned back and went through the second bridge again, and was once again headed for the first one! Each time we passed through those menacing pilings my heart sank, figuring that we were doomed to be cut off once again, even after such a protracted battle. Yet somehow, perhaps due to fatigue from its first run and the initial twenty minutes of the melee, or maybe simply from pure dumb luck, the fish didn't cut us off. Relentless to the end, the giant tarpon surfaced a half dozen times, yet not once did it jump. Each time I thought it was spent, but the beast had me fooled. Instead of submitting and floating belly up like I expected, it simply took in a huge gulp of air, gave me the fin, and then submerged again, defiantly taking another fifty yards of hard earned line back with it as it went.

A seeming eternity later, at five minutes after ten to be precise, the fish was finally spent. Swimming placidly beside the boat on its monofilament tether like a dog at heel, it was a sight to behold. Between six and a half feet and seven feet in length, it was a beauty. Myself gasping for air, I turned to Captain Alex and asked him “Wow, what does that thing weigh, one sixty?” “At least…” came his wide-eyed response. After a few hastily snapped photos, the last of which showed a huge splash as the tarpon pounded the surface with its tail as it was released, I was finally able to collapse.     


I want to thank Captain Alex and the rest of you guys for an incredible experience that, although somewhat stressful in the beginning, ended up being the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Especially, for a saltwater addict like myself. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon. David E. Spletzer



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Thanks to Capt. John Herrick
Enclosed is a copy of the magazine article we promised to send you. My wife and I really like your new boat and the chairs for us to sit in while we fish. We always catch some tarpon and we just want to thank you for treating us so well. Jill, Dan, Kimberly and Brad Ashe, Iowa

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to instruct our family in the art of tarpon fishing. Jack and the boys will be back again next spring. Mrs. Jack Taylor, Florida

Thank you for another good trip. You made the extra effort to accommodate us and your new boat is perfect for fishing the Keys. Steve Bringer, New York

We landed three tarpon and lost a bunch more. It was a great trip, we could see lots of big fish rolling. We had plenty of the right bait and good tackle to catch all the tarpon we could handle. William Lanscomb,Indiana

I fought that tarpon for one hour and fourteen minutes. It jumped 9 times, once as high as 4 feet off the water. What a sight. The tarpon weighed well over 100 lbs and was released along side of the boat to fight another day. I'll never forget that fish. Robert Downs, Texas

A nice tarpon caught and released with Captain Alex Regan
After 25 years of experience we're so sure you'll catch a tarpon, we guarantee it!

Thanks to Capt. Jim Bourbon of the Bahia Honda bridge
As I arrived home today, I thought of the incredible fishing trip I had at Bahia Honda Bridge. Your professional manner and great experience in fishing for Tarpon directly related to my catching a Tarpon. You never give up and your will to succeed in catching these Tarpons is infectious. Thanks for the greatest fishing experience I ever had. These powerful and giant fish can really take all the energy out of you after 40 minutes fighting them. Thanks for guiding me along the way to catch that 120 pounder. I'll tell all my friends about Bahia Honda Bridge and hope to get back and see you again for the best Tarpon fishing in the world. Thanks for a Great Time, LTC Robert T McLaughlin Jr., Rhode Island

Thanks to Capt. Alex Regan
I just wanted to say thank you for finding us a captain to take us out tarpon fishing.  Captain Alex did a great job of putting us on fish.  We hooked 8 fish and landed 4 (150 lbs, 90lbs, and 2 @ 60 lbs.)  I plan on returning in a couple of years and I would recommend your charter to anyone. Sincerely Alan Wilson

John - Don't know if you and Alex have spoken since Wednesday, but on our Tarpon trip I
finally caught that 100 lb Tarpon I have been wanting !  ( one bite, one fish ! )
Luckily, it didn't throw the hook or break off !
Thanks ! Richard Johnston

What a blast!  Monday night, standing in the back of the boat, I said to myself that if you could only do this once it would be a trip of a lifetime!  What made it all the more enjoyable was Capt Alex Regan.  Boy, he works very hard checking baits, moving to find fish, and was very helpful in instructing “rookie” tarpon fishermen.  He’s always upbeat, encouraging and is just a nice guy and someone you’d want to be around on a day to day basis.  Please extends our thanks to Alex for a great trip. Attached is a picture of a Jack we landed. Alex indicated it went about 40 lbs, was the biggest Jack he’s caught fishing for tarpon and indicated you would want to see a picture of it. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future customers! Bill Driscoll

Fishing for tarpon at the Bahia Honda bridge in the Florida Keys
Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys is rated with the best in the world!

Hey John, I just wanted to let you know what a great job Capt. Alex did on my tarpon trip. I was able to hook up with him on short notice while I was down in Marathon. It was a real pleasure to fish with him again this year.  We landed 2 nice fish in the 100 lb. class and dropped 4 others. Unfortunately the digital camera would not run without the batteries being charged, so I have no pictures to send you, On the other hand, now I have an excuse to fish again next year !!  Have to have a picture for the wall! Thank you Bruce Lawing   R.I.

John: Really enjoyed our two trips Tarpon Fishing! Alex was the best possible Captain we could have hoped for. Extremely knowledgeable, Extremely Hard Working and Very personable! We will DEFINITELY be back to Fish with your Charter again! First Trip, 1st Fish estimated by Alex to be 175-180#. Fought for Two Hours to finally get to boat for QUICK Pictures and release. Am attaching Pictures of Fish & Fight.  Please use for your Web site if you want to. Jeff & Gail Littleson

Dear Alex & John at TarponTrips:
Thanks for the wonderful tarpon trip. While originally set for 5 PM we all kept in contact and due to the fishing moved it to 9 PM. That really helped as we hooked 6 tarpon and got 2 to the boat. We also landed 2 snapper as an extra! Alex was the best guide a fisher could ask for!!! Many thanks, John & Lee Roberts Chester County, PA

Thanks to the tarpon, Alex and Jim
We have been with Alex on the Mullet Man a few times and with Jim Bourbon too. A friend of mine has a place in Key West and when we visit, if we can save up enough, we always book a trip to tarpon fish from Bahia Honda.
I have to say I enjoy those trips most of all. I just love sitting there waiting for the Silver King to fly out of the water on the other end of my line! And the challenge to get them to the boat is so exciting. I donít know which is worse to face.... going in and out of the bridge or getting ravaged by the sharks!! Either way, itís a great time. Alex and Jim are great captains to fish with. They are very knowledgable about what they are doing, they work hard to get you a fish and they are fun to fish with as well. Jennifer Brower

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"These guys have the best tarpon trip guarantee anywhere! It's a simple deal, if you don't catch a tarpon you get a free trip". Bob Cary outdoor writer, Minnesota

Thanks to TarponTrips
Dear Captain John I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and TarponTrips for organizing the most fantastic angling experience of our lives. Myself and Elaine fished on our AM trip and a combined PM/AM trip. We fished the Bahia Honda Bridge and jumped a total of 52 tarpon and brought to the boat 9 fish. Captain Jeff is a pleasure to fish with as he combines professionalism, great boat and fishing skills and has a terrific sense of humor. Jeff's love of fishing made the trips truly memorable and the shared experience of all your Captains working together to the benefit of the clients was apparent throughout. I would gladly recommend TarponTrips to anyone who is seeking a truly memorable angling experience. Please find attached some shots of the action as it unfolded. We hoped to take more shots but it seemed as we were constantly hooking up or taking fish through the bridges. Thank you for an experience we will always remember. Brian & Elaine Tokell, United Kingdom

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